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 We established our agency in 2019; JD Interpreting Services, with a goal to support the Deaf community in Alaska by providing quality interpreting services and tailoring our services to the unique needs and preferences of each individual we served.  This approach, in honoring and empowering the deaf community, has lead us to be the choice agency in Alaska for interpreting services. 


Our name reflects our mission;

“Putting the power of choice in the hands of our clients”


 Choice Access Interpreting is commited to creating an environment that is not just about communication, but about creating meaningful, client-centric experiences. We firmly believe that by providing accessible and tailored communication solutions, we open doors to new opportunities, forge deeper connections, and significantly improve the quality of life for every individual we interact with.


 We partner with businesses who aim to become more accessible, provide opportunities and build community. Our interpreters remove communication barriers to foster this connection. 


 By staying in regular communication and collaborating with the Deaf community, we learn about their needs, preferences and growing trends. This helps us improve the standard of services we offer while maintaining a close connection with those that we serve.


We advocate for fair and equitable access to services for our clients. The freedom to choose who communicates both personal and confidential information is a right that should extend to all people.

    Individuality -

We understand that matching clients with interpreters goes beyond technical skill. It’s about establishing a deeper connection. We take the time to truly get to know each person, their unique preferences, and specific needs. This personal approach allows us to create the most harmonious pairings, ensuring the best possible experience for everyone involved. We hold a profound respect for the cultural differences of our clients and customers, and we’re committed to tailoring our services to meet the demands of every distinct situation. Our dedication to these principles is the foundation of the trust we build with those we serve.


We foster a collaborative approach, working closely with both individuals and businesses to tailor our services to their specific needs and ensure optimal communication outcomes. Our model works when we partner with those who share our passion for inclusive, client-centric services.


Meet the team that serves you!


Jamie Hartung

Owner / Interpreter


Maret Rahn

Scheduler / Customer Relations


Contractors / Staff

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